About Us

Merchuvan Entertainment was created in 2021 out of a love for Goose, and an overwhelming desire to share this love with other like-minded souls. Starting as a Facebook group title “Memehuvan”, this first edition was a space for people to connect and share witty memes about the band. A place for us to put the funny things that were in our head and share them with those who would appreciate them. As more people collected in this virtual space, we found ourselves getting requests for our memes to be put on stickers and t-shirts and thus, Merchuvan was born. As we dove headfirst into the world of creating Goose-related content, we found joy in experimenting with different mediums and designing different products to share with our fellow fans, including clothing (hats, shirts, swim trunks), flags, stickers, prints and, most recently, linoleum cuts.

As the Facebook page has grown it’s become clear from feedback that it’s time to streamline the ordering process for those who come looking for unique, quality Goose merchandise, so, in line with our mission to “give the people what they want”, we’ve created a website for you to come and get your Goose needs met. We continue to be active and available on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, so if you have any questions, comments, feedback or requests please feel free to reach out to us there. We can also be reached on social media or by email if you’d like to discuss custom designs, bulk orders, arranging to have merch sent to Phat Matt Designs for custom tie-dying, or even for non-Goose related design and printing needs. Please go to the “Contact” page for links to reach us directly. We love you and thank you for your support!